February 6, 2009
By Anonymous

Wallpaper is peeling and falling to my feet
and then I wonder how it could be
before remembering I'm in the old
haunted house on Life boulevard.

Well no wonder everything is
falling apart. If I just leave this building
I know it could all disappear, but
I don't feel like it, because I'm too light.

Standing in the building on Life boulevard,
I wonder who lived here before me,
was it a man? or a woman? or a nobody?
do I care? I don't, so why do I ask?

I look around, trying to find
something that isn't in pieces
and then contemplate the meaning of skeletons on broken boards
in this house on Life boulevard.

The natural melodies of breathing
sticks with me and makes me still and calm
until the buzzing of bees fly past the foggy window
in the highest room of this old house on Life boulevard.

The doorknobs are hot and burning
so I'm afraid to touch anything
without thinking first, because sometimes
things like this scare me to bits.

Finally my right foot decides to move
away from the window and around the gaping hole in the ground
towards the door where I don't touch the knob,
and I keep walking down the stairs and reach the front door.

At the door of the abandoned house on Life boulevard,
my hand shakes and can't bare to open it,
because the knob is sizzling red with steam.
so I look behind me and then collapse.

Onto the floor.

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