Dear Mama...

February 6, 2009
By [Poet]. BRONZE, Belleville, Illinois
[Poet]. BRONZE, Belleville, Illinois
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Mama did you ever know'
How much I truly cared?
Wishing night and day
You would somehow be there
All my heartache and pain
Would flow away through the air
Mama did you ever know at night
I've cried for you?
Looked my grandma in the eyes
and lied....
Mama coming home from school you were never there
I would stare'
But your face
Would vanish in the air
Mama I would never lie
I'd cry'seeing you once or twice a week
Cause you was out running the streets
Or you was somewhere getting beat
Mama don't cry
Can I wipe away your tears?
I just want you to understand how I've felt all these years
Graduations, Birthdays
I wish you hadn't missed
First boyfriends, Best friends
I even had a first kiss
Still I love you'
Dear Mama'

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because I've never really been close with my mother, so I thought the only wat to tell her how i felt was through POEM...

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