She's Breaking

February 6, 2009
By [Poet]. BRONZE, Belleville, Illinois
[Poet]. BRONZE, Belleville, Illinois
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She's Breaking...
Is how he left her
And it's crazy because
In her HEART
She always thought he was
"The One"
And never did she put him second
To anyone...
Late Nights...Wet pillow
When she goes to sleep
Tears down her eyes they creep
Running down her cheeks
Inside she's hurting...
But who's there to talk to???
Because no one will listen
Maybe Intervention
Because something here is missing...
Where do I go??
When the walls are closing in,
And im shaking...
Watch her fall apart, Deep in my HEART,

She's Breaking.

The author's comments:
This piece was written from a me, a young girl in a bad situation, at the wrong time. Maybe Love is like sand at the beach...

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