His smile

February 6, 2009
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Dedicated to: Mr.Petti

I knew a person who had a contagious smile.
If you wanted to see happiness he could show it to you.
He was Intelligent, he was one of a kind.
You could never find another like him.
You could see the joy in his eyes.
And the hope in his smile.
He was my amazing teacher.
My unbelievably wonderful friend.
A loving father
and a devoted husband.
He had cancer.
But Oh no that didn't stop him.
Nothing could bring him down.
He was so strong and had a heart of gold.
He went through chemo.
With hope and faith like always.
The day he passed away,
It was tragic.
Horrific .
Knowing someone so strong had passed away.
Knowing I would never get to say goodbye.
Knowing I would never see that smile that
Could brighten up someone's day.
I wont forget the smell of your room.
Or the little notes you left
On the white board every once in
awhile when you were going through chemo.
Or the Podium of Power.
The enthusiasm when you spoke.
You're known as
And Dad.
Or something I like to call amazing.
And even though we cant see you,
We have your memories and
That's what keeps us holding on.
We all love you.
We know your in heaven at this very moment,
With a smile on your face.

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