Destination: You

February 6, 2009
By Avani Tandon GOLD, Princeton, New Jersey
Avani Tandon GOLD, Princeton, New Jersey
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There are some things that you do not know
But that's because they are things you would fail to understand.
That continues to be the problem.
We are two different books on two different shelves.
We both want to be read.
We both want to be cherished.
But our stories read differently.
We have the same fantasy beginning, and long the same fairy tale ending.
A princess is willing to rip out the pages of her story and re-write them
But her prince, unwilling to compromise, leaves her story unwritten
He claims he has no other choice, their roads may have diverged the same,
But their paths differ, and together they cannot follow both.
Her prince does not understand.
Their roads were meant to merge,
Their books meant to become a series
And their happily ever after was a reality.
Her book was empty without his words,
Her journey, aimless, and without a destination.
His castle may lie up north
And hers down south,
But castles can be re-built.
There are just some things that you do not know.
Your princess is trapped in a black and white world.
She needs her saving grace to bring color.
No longer wanting to remain a stack of empty pages,
Her wait is over.
You fail to understand that the only thing that cannot be re done,
is this moment, this life, this love.

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Kate. said...
on Feb. 23 2009 at 1:56 am
Kate., Three Rivers, California
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This is beautiful. Clearly, it is from real life events that happened to you, and I am sorry. However, I am glad you can capture the feeling for it happens to all of us, though we cannot convey the emotions as well as you did.

Kudos, and keep writing!


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