A Friend For A Boyfriend

February 6, 2009

Simone was happy and my best friend
Well until love struck her at the end
She met this guy name John
All we knew was that he was on the run

He lived on the other side of town
We was different from him and this we found
She talked to him at school and all
Kissing and holding hands in the hall

One Friday at the school game
Another boy asked Simone for her number and name
She told him just trying to entertain
And later that night she went home with bruises and John to blame

I threatened to tell, I'll be on snitch
I couldn't take not one part of it
He beat her day and night.
And things wasn't getting quite right

One day he hit her and she didn't hit back
She was dead and that's a mystery fact
John got away with the crime
And Simone won't come back this time.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because just like my friend there a million in one woman are in a abusive relationship. Those million in one woman can stop it now don't be like my friend and wait to late. If you have a friend that is in that relatioship you should help them inspite of them hating you.

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