February 6, 2009
By Sara Bailey BRONZE, Maylene, Alabama
Sara Bailey BRONZE, Maylene, Alabama
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The thunder rolled
Across the evening sky
As a piece of her slowly died
Now she tries to hid
The pain she is feeling inside
She puts on a smile
And for a while she believes it's real
Then her feelings seep out
And the smile began to peel
Her smile is no where to be found
All she wants to do is drown
In her tears
Oh how miserable she feels
She kneels
She prays
God speaks
If you falter in times of trouble, how small is your strength!
Her depression has reached its peak
She falls
She sinks
Then she thinks
Life isn't worth it
So she sits there and cuts herself
Because she believes she deserves it
But God is calling out
Stop you're worth it
Put down your knife
Let go of your fears
And come to me
And I'll wipe away your tears
I'll take away your pain
Give me the baggage you hold
And I will carry it for you down this road
No more pain and no more fear
Just as long as you know I am here
As she stretched her arms above her head
And screamed on the top of her lungs
Bring me to life because I am dead
Take these thoughts out of my head
And forgive me of my sins
I want you
I trust you
I need you
God I love you
After she spoke those words
God looked down
And then began to smile
As He wiped her sins away
He said now go for I have paved the way
Tell the world I am your saving grace

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece because this happened to me. Maybe it wasn't really thundering outside but my life was a storm. But I use to tell God how big my storm was and then one night I gave it all to God and then from that day foward I began telling the storm how big my God is. I want the word to know Jesus before He comes back.

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