Cupcakes and Fairies

February 6, 2009
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A new kind of poetry.
Whats wrong with today?
Today is' Thursday.
The suckiest day of the week.
I hate teaching ninth graders for two hours.
I like Thursdays.
Not because of the pizza.
Whose freaking idea was it'
what are you going to do on Friday night.
I feel bad.
I feel lonely.
American brownies?
Dude you should be the one the one to know..
Why does Sheldon feel bad?
Don't put that.
Sheldon focus on your robots.
That sounds so funny.
Im trying to study my Arabic.
WHAT? Sheldon seriously.
Wait I know what that means.
No soon.
Dance with yourself.
I'm gonna go for a walk. Hahahahahahahah.
That would be awesome.
You better stop this'
You know how hard I'm working on this?
Today is February 5th.
Mr. Relth is crazy.
No no I have to do it smaller.
You know what I've always wanted to do.
Sheldon takes his baby nap'
who wouldn't?
Good ol' days of last year.
How swinish the GWA boys are.
Hard at work.
Yeah right.
Albert Einstein.
Dude I'm not going by myself.
There has to be other solos.
Mind juice flowing.
I would have a different mindset.
No that has nothing to do with it. Its boring when you don't have someone.
Kamal is in the middle usually.
It was boring every time. T
he only fun part was putting on the dress.
Do you have any alternatives?
No dancing just a performance.
What are you doing??
Im a little girl.
A smelly little girl.
Puppy dogs. W
hy do lollipops smell bad?
Oh well normally if it smells bad.
Do the chacha.
I heard your class was awesome.
You guys have parties and hardcore'
Tell them about my notes.
That's awesome.
How is that awesome, man?
Well good.
It's a name.
No ones gonna go.
A freak for the prom!
Or whatever.
The currency here is dirhams. Whatever.
I need to get my aggression out.
Woah look at this.
Students are boxing bags.
Origami malfunction.
Origami is for losers.
Twenty minutes left.
We should play guitar hero.
Sheldon has ADD.
That's not funny.
Don't cha learn anything in my class?
Look at my robot.
Are you supposed to make a little cartoon or something?
A child's book.
A whole book?
Kinda awkward. O
bviously not doing anything important.
For real.
Get it?
Sheldon's not as ADD as I thought he was.
That is a big accomplishment for me.
That was a real punch to the face.
I like crumbcake.
Fine ignore me.
He's talking to the ladiesss.
Forget you.
Forget the cake.
You screwed it up.
What are you talking about?
What about Samir, man?
Penguin if I wanted to.
Lets all go home.
We get a half day Monday right?
YOU get a half day.
But it's a Monday not a Thursday.

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