February 6, 2009
It's funny,
how ONE simple word can
spark a light in a girl's heart.

It's funny,
how ONE sentence can
make a girl feel special...

It's funny,
how ONE small gesture can
have a girl worried, scared, confused,
joyous-all at the same time.

It's funny,
how a girl can
get lost in all this and be so

It's funny,
how a girl can
cry herself to sleep-
when tears of something lovely
stain her cheek.

It's funny...
how we all search for this,
never realizing,
it was always probably right

It's funny,
it's true.

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cree8ive said...
Dec. 16, 2009 at 8:23 pm
thanks for commenting on my poem! i really like this. it's something i can relate to and i think you have a good sense of rythym. p.s. hope you get your steak!
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