February 5, 2009
By Alexandria BRONZE, Shelbyville, Illinois
Alexandria BRONZE, Shelbyville, Illinois
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There i am melting in yor arms.Gazing into your eyes.Wraping my arms around you.Not wanting to let you go.AS i smile i feel your body tence.the smile fades; i gently glance up to see that lovly smile of yours but i dont see that i see you looking down at me then quickly looking back up.i feel sacure;proteced by you.As you say "Baby dont go!"the gental smile appers;now i can't hear the T.V,radio...all i hear as the words "Baby dont go!" replaying over and over again in my head like a broken wreckered.As i look up his time i see your wonderful smile...you say "Alex i love you."Before i can reply you let go with full force i glance down with ashaim....as you tilt my head up with your gental finger-tips,i see a side no body eles has seen.The cheesy smile once again appers as you lean in for something special i wake up.i look around me and see nothing but a dark cold room.It was just a dream.

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