The man in the light

February 5, 2009
By AshleyNichole PLATINUM, Palm Coast, Florida
AshleyNichole PLATINUM, Palm Coast, Florida
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"the whole world steps aside for a man who knows where he is going" ~Anonymous

i jump up from my slumber
open my eyes to darkness
go to flick the switch
go to get the flashlight
look around
stare straight down the darkened hallways
far in the distance a crack of light

standing here with hear pounding
one step, two steps, three steps
something pushes me back
again i try
one step, two steps, thee steps,
again pushed back by something

i panick
swirl and scream
looking for a way to the light
try to find a wall but there is nothing around
where am i

am i dreaming
i run
each time thrown backwards
i turn around to see the outline of something
or someone
i see a man
he is dressed in white

i scream and drop to the ground
i cry and beg for him to not hurt me
i feel him close to me
my heart pounds
i hear his voice
it is soft; comforting
i stop crying
i look up to see his face clearly
he takes me by the hand
i feel his warmth
now i feel like i'm floating
tells me its not time for me
tells me i'm his miracle
and what i must do

i wake up to lights and people all around me
voices saying we got her back
i'm confused
i asked where the man went
they tell me to rest
i look at the light to again see his face
who is that man in the light i ask the woman
she looks and says i see nothing

then i hear his voice again
says i am your savior
it is time for you to be mine

The author's comments:
This is just a piece that came to me. I found it kind of inspirational as I was writing it. God is someone amazing that has an impact on a lot of people and I thought this would kind of allow some others to be inspired as well.

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