February 5, 2009
By ANoKneeMouse BRONZE, Davis, California
ANoKneeMouse BRONZE, Davis, California
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She can barely walk
She can barely talk
People give her funny looks
As she limps to the block

She puts her hands on a wall
Because she's about to fall
Smiles to the crowd
And waits for the call

The announcer speaks, 'heat one'
As the other racers run
To their blocks, and jump off
The race has begun

Slowly, but swiftly too
She drags her legs through
Back and forth, back and forth
She moves through the blue

Catching her breath
Watching her step
She pulls herself out
Laughing at death

The swimmers all stare
Noses in the air
They all came in faster
Though race wasn't fair

That girl may be crippled
Her legs may be rippled
But compared to the other swimmers
Her performance is tripled

She will never win the race
Never come in first place
But she tells us she's won
By the look on her face

The author's comments:
Hey, this may be poetry but it is true. Whenever i go to swimming meets and i see this girl i am always so inspired. i hope she sees this.( And yes, i think that i chose a picture with a guy swimming)

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