complete with you

February 5, 2009
By love_kills GOLD, Sacramento, California
love_kills GOLD, Sacramento, California
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You took my life and made it complete
with your sweet love and all you give.
My heart smiles everyday because of you.
To me you are a dream come true.

My life was sad, so dark and blue;
today it's not, all thanks to you.
I love you more than words can say.
With you I'll be until the end.

You've grown so deep since we first met.
I found in you the perfect man.
The love we share is pure and true.
To have met you is a dream come true.

Each day goes by and our love grows and grows;
how deep and strong, we'd never know.
Years from now we'll still be here
with this lasting love, untainted and clear.
I'm yours forever, until the end of time.
I hope one day I be your wife.
Then our dream would be complete
and we'd be ready to raise a family.

When we're together time moves so fast;
I wish I had the power to make it last.
But one sweet day time will stand still
and we'll share this love we truly feel.

Someone like you it's hard to find.
Your love I treasure, it's a gift of life.
I'll pray tonight and thank the Lord
for who you are, the love I adore.

The author's comments:
dedicated to my lost love.

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