to blow my brains

February 5, 2009
With consecutive thoughts
we'll grab the gun at once
and pull the trigger, blowing sense
and heartthrobs out into
the velvety sunlight
to curdle and burn away
their sweetness

pull my eyes out
so I may never see
how you look a little sweeter
at her then at me.

The phone rings
and I know it's you because
your number won't let me
forget it.
I miss you I miss you
turns into can I kiss you and I kiss you
and I blink the stars
into my eyes to hypnotize you again.
But then the clock hits
a.m. and I hang up as she
speaks of the blood
and child abuse on her pale skin.

Mommy's hugs were always sweeter
and softer
when she knew she didn't have to hold onto
my sanity for me.

But I'm already gone.

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Paramour13 said...
Nov. 10, 2011 at 11:27 am
Your writing is amazing!! I enjoy reading it :) Would you mind reading some of mine?
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