I'm Your Disappointment, You Very Own Unwanted Disaster

February 5, 2009
By kaela.b.kelly GOLD, Collegedale, Tennessee
kaela.b.kelly GOLD, Collegedale, Tennessee
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I'm your angel
Your sweet little baby girl,
A gift from the heavens above,

I waited for your approval
I waited for your love,

I changed for you and
Now look what I've become,

I'm your disaster
The wreckage you're obligated to clean up after,
A burden in your hands,

I made myself into everything
I thought you had ever wanted,
I hung onto your every criticizing word
Tried to better myself for you,

I started to hate myself
For never being good enough,
For not following through,

But I did this for you!

In search for your love
I became unglued,

And now you say I'm the disappointment
With your shame filled eyes
And hateful appetite,

I sit by idly and let you eat me alive,
I do nothing
Just hoping maybe this time,

You tell me I'm weak
Even after everything I've done!
I don't understand how,
How you can stand there
And call me the weak one,

You say there is no more trust
I broke my promise
I let myself come undone,

But you sit there with your hypocritical smile
Like you're so perfect,
With all your lies and betrayal,

I know you
And this is just the game you play for fun,
Your sick amusement
With pushing me down
And pulling me up for the next round,

But I did this for you!

I became what I am not,
I made myself pretty for you
Kept the ugly tucked away from your sight,

I did this for you
Without a single word,
I tried to be your perfect little girl,

I gave everything up
Only trying to be good enough,
Only trying to become a someone in your eyes,

I tried so hard to take on the world
All the lies and the hate,
I took it all alone until I broke,

I did this for you
Only to end up being a further disappointment,

I did this for you
Only trying to be what you want,

I did this for you!
I did this in search for your love.

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