Where Im From.

February 5, 2009
By BabyGirl18 BRONZE, Bellevue, Michigan
BabyGirl18 BRONZE, Bellevue, Michigan
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Im From
PeeWee Softball
&&Toddler Tricycles.
Im From
Long Curly Hair
&&Smiling Brown Eyes.
Im From
&&Hot Summer Days.
Im From
Barbie And Ken
&&Kelly Cartwheel Dolls.
Im From
Sledding Down Hills
&&Making Snowangels.
Im From
Jumping On Beds
&&Fighting Over Pickles.
Im From
Waking Up Early
Just For The Fun Of It.
Im From
Paying My Respects
&&Dressing In Black.
Im From
Missing A Loved One
&&Him Never Coming Back.

The author's comments:
This poem is about when i was younger.
and some of what it was like to be me when i was younger. also its a little dedication to my father
who died when i was turning 8 the next day.

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