An Ode to My Lips

February 6, 2009
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Red from cherries and popsicles too,
This is an ode, my lips, from me to you.
When I was little I loved you so,
But as I get older, my insecurities grow.

Smooching and smacking,
Oohing and ahhing,
These wondrous lips of mine.
An exotic color from a box of Crayola
They flaunt, they shimmer and they shine.
Any odor from cherry to lime,
These wondrous lips of mine.
Cover them up, change who they are,
I mask their true identity;
Trapped behind a glamorous wall,
I disturb their peace and serenity.
Oh these wondrous lips of mine
Carry their pride like a diamond on my finger.
Though they sashay head high,
When called, they do not linger.

This is an ode to my lips
Thanking them for their loyalty.
And an apology in advance
For anymore incoming insecurities.

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