February 6, 2009
By Gtmirm8 BRONZE, Port Byron, New York
Gtmirm8 BRONZE, Port Byron, New York
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The last thing he ever saw was blue.

'Tell me, tell me there was nothing in you-
that wanted to be with him, alone.

You left me standing in the doorway.

I love you, but you thrashed my heart.
I was angry with you and you wouldn't talk to me.

So I stepped out in front of a car'

You hurt me and I didn't want to hurt you,
I just wanted to end my pain.

I miss you, so much.'

'I'm right here.'

'I'll never see you again'

You know it was your favorite color-
that's why I chose the blue one.'

'I'm sorry' she cried.

He seemed like he was looking off into nowhere.

With a saddened voice he said,
'You're only sorry because I'm in a hospital bed.'

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