For death is near

February 2, 2009
In the darkness of a new day
I plea with depression
whose here to stay
Erase my sins
and take their place
Don''t ever leave me
For ever more
Hold me close
and keep me cold
give me comfort
when I''m all alone
tell me I''m to blame
tell me you hate me
and your filled with shame
tell me all the things I need to hear
take away all the thing
I''v held so dear
give me a purpose
and something to fear
give me a reason
for death is near

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holly B. said...
Feb. 22, 2009 at 5:18 pm
wow this is very strong and i know what u mean keep writing what is dear to and has meaning to u coz if one thing i have learned if it is meaningful to u than it will come out being very strong and emotrial.
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