My week

February 2, 2009
So let me tell you about my week.
Monday I was a Prep.
Light blue jeans, natural makeup, pink t-shirt and white ReeBocks.
I hated it, and I still was the same me when I got home.
Tuesday I was a stoner.
Overlarge Bob Marley hoodie, black and green Weed t-shirt, and baggy pants.
The pain still remains.
Wedsday I was a Goth.
Black mini, black tank, black etnies. Typical black lipstick and rice-powder face.
I couln't hide behind that either.
Thursday I was a skater, and that was close to how I wanted to feel- The black and red DC's hugging my feet, the Zero hoodie and Hurley shirt with the Falcon red pants. Close...
Friday I was ME.
My black hair, chopped short to my shoulders with a pair of rusty sissors and died six different colors.
My black t-shirt, airbrushed with your name.
Tight dark blue jeans, hugging my frame to the tops of my Convers'.
I had dig in the back of my closet for the hoodie...
Black with white skulls and our symbol airbrushed in red... Still smelling like you.
Today I was myself, and the pain finally went away.
I still miss you.... Brother.
This was my week.

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BrokenSociety said...
Feb. 17, 2009 at 12:51 pm
(is Ally C) Something important that I want to say. Family Ties was typed (chapter one and two) before this poem but for some reason it's been two weeks and they are still "pending approval". Just so that you don't go searching it, and realize that you can't find it. I will say this, however: My writing is much, much better when I write stories. I'm not so good with poetry....
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