February 2, 2009
i didn't know you were the walker,
till you put me a leash on me.

and now i go just where you go.

and now i live only to please.

and even though you keep lifting me up,
i know your only pulling me down.

and still i try to keep up with you,
but still i'll never lift up to your crown.

why do i do these tricks for you?
just for that little, simple pet?
for that little burst of happiness,
that only lasts till i forget?

"oh, forgive me" i can whimper,
but you'll still beat your wrath on me.

each new time gets worse than the last.

i'd run, but you've got a leash on me.

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HopelessWritter said...
Feb. 28, 2009 at 4:48 am
this is really really good!!! i can see how it fits the drug theme. i love the sixth stanza!! (if you count the single lines a stanza XP) its really good. the small rhyme works well with the poem.
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