one day

January 31, 2009
By AhR-dEe BRONZE, New Carlisle, Ohio
AhR-dEe BRONZE, New Carlisle, Ohio
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We were walking by the beach that day.
I can still see the light reflecting on his tanned skin.
He walked me to the edge of the water and walked away.
I turned around and he gave me a sweet smile of assurance.
Assurance that he will never leave my side.
So,i turned and played 'til i got exhausted.
I looked back, and there he was.
With his hair dancing with the breeze.
I ran down back to him,and he lifted me off the sand.
He was so strong.
He lifted me up, and cheered me like i was a princess.
He put me back into the water,and said
"Take care of yourself cause im not always gonna be there".
I didn't payed attention-the meaning was absurd.
I ran back to where he was standing,and he wasn't there anymore.
"papa,where are you?i'm scared papa"
But no one answered.
I followed the footsteps from where he was standing.
I followed it until i got to the last one.
But he wasn't there.
"Papa?" i cried once more
"papa,where did you go?"
Then,his smile flashed back into my mind.
His assuring smile,was now blurry.
I realized i was alone
Hes not coming back.
The words he said came back to me
And this time i understand
My papa isn't here no more
Though he left,i will never forget him.
And whenever somebody ask me about my papa
I would just start it by..
"We were walking be the beach that day.."

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