Past Rain Kiss

January 31, 2009
By Karen Tobon SILVER, Silver Spring, Maryland
Karen Tobon SILVER, Silver Spring, Maryland
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The rain falls
Outside and I
See it through
The sad window

Flash backs of
The last day
It seemed so
Cold back then

You walk me
To my bus
It was a
Dark cloudy day

The rain could
Not ruin that
Day but instead
Made it perfect

You stop at
My bus with
A look that
Made me curious

You asked have
I ever had
A kiss in
The rain before

I respond no
With many thoughts
In my head

Then you place
Your lips on
Mine to seal
Our rain kiss

My first rain
Kiss was nothing
But pure happiness
And pure bliss

To seal our
Love that has
Come to grow
And was perfect

But sadly that
Was some time
Ago in very
Different happy place

I sit here
Far away in
A different place
Not near you

I wonder about
Your new love
That has entered
Your world today

Will she get
Her first ever
Kiss In the
Rain happily today

Will she feel
The pure bliss
I felt on
That rainy day?

I hope she
Feels that way
And remember it
Forever till death

I hope she
Is your true
Love and be
By your side

She will remain
In you arms
Warm while I
Suffer being alone

I am honestly
Happy that you
Found love somewhere
And now happy

I was meant
To never love
And forever be
Lonely and suffer

If we ever
Lose touch
I hope I'm
Not forgotten ever

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