A Dream Never Dies

January 31, 2009
By Anonymous

Diamonds of the sun dazzle across the water,
Bugs drone and buzz their songs of monotony,
In the sky dark pregnant clouds on the horizon loom,
A nightmare on the rise to dampen our dreams.

We sit bereft of speech,
Nothing in words worthy of the moment,
No one to bother, completely alone, together,
Dreams are hardly as incredible.

Rain far away ripples the once perfect water,
Clouds draw their portraits in shadows,
A breeze stirs, the trees cringe from its touch,
Birds and fish run, they prove their intelligence.

Watching the storm on the horizon we stay,
We fear no altercations of the living,
Impervious to strife, impenetrable we are,
Our invincibility certain, unbreakable, untested.

The storm breaks, nothing is safe,
Wind rips, waves crash, rain pelts,
Those few who remain flee in terror,
The carnage is great, nothing remains.

Nothing had prepared us for this,
We were caught clueless to our situation,
Stakes driven shatter our dream,
Our lives stricken of each other forever.

The storm abates, the damage is done,
It seems as though nothing has survived,
Tress uprooted, beach disappeared, saplings dead,
Under it all, amid all the dead, lays a single seed.

Lost seemingly forever we were,
We thought it was hatred between us,
The broken not healed, but left to fester,
Completely forsaken, nearly forgotten, somehow forgiven.

With storms long forgotten the seed still cannot grow,
It requires more than the rote of life's necessities,
More than water and warmth in the soil it needs,
Only with love's warm touch will it thrive.

A hole we know not how to fill grows with each passing day,
Crazed dreams of times long past fill our nights,
Apart we still long for something, long forgotten,
Chance alone breaks this isolation.

Sight proves to be enough for the seed to open,
Storms fade from reality as the dream lives again,
Embracing it all the seed grows,
Awoken from a nightmare far worse than the storm, our lives are
finally complete.

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