The Written Love

January 31, 2009
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She carried around a book
A small book
Where once in a while it
Would be seen
Out with her deep in thought
Scribbling something down

On her last day in town that summer she
Approached her love
She told him to hold the book
And then left
He stood there gawking thinking
Why only me
She had not let anyone in to
Her little notebook
It was more important than
Life to her

He opened up to the title page
Soul and continued
He Went through what was a
Table of Contents
He flipped the pages mesmerized and spellbound
By her words
The scribbles of poems and thoughts
Of the moment
He couldn't put it down not till he read
Everything in it

Still standing where she left him
He went home
On a page was a small
Note to him
Of her expectations of him
Writing and finishing
This book so dear and
Precious to her
He began to carry it around and cared about
It like life

Slowly time went and finally the book
Was filled up
She returned as he put down his
Very last thought
She went to see him upon the
Second she returned
She found him the exact same spot where
they last parted
He cradled the book and
Gave it back
She gave a questioning look and
Open it up
She skimmed through for
A brief moment
Then her eyes fell upon the
Very last page

He written for her

"Dearest love and Container of my soul

You have brought out more than I could

Imagine and made life content. I shall never

Let you out of my sight again for the time

Apart has made me realize all the more

That I love you.

Thought we have never kissed and said

These truly passionate words but with in

All time knowing one another I knew they

Would come up, it is only now do I discover

My courage to say these words and say

What I have thought since the begining"

The space in between killed her nerves
And tension but she kept a calm and cool
Stare intact before going down to the
Second last line of the notebook that read

"Will you marry me?"

She managed to keep everything calm
She searched for a pen to respond in her purse
And took a second to think before putting
Down the perfect answer down before
Handing the book promptly back to him
His eyes landed on her response and smiled

"My heart has been yours since the beginning of time and

Resisting fate is nothing more than shaming myself for all eternity"

He looked at her and swept her off her feet
For the fairy tale she always dream of
Had finally come true and with
Her fairy tale prince

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