Like I Always Do

January 31, 2009
By Sunshine SILVER, Catawba, South Carolina
Sunshine SILVER, Catawba, South Carolina
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I'm left again standing here, in the dark
I'm not responsible for you falling apart
You push and you pull me, I'm standing on the ledge
Hanging by a thread, don't push me I'm too close to the edge
You're my death sentence but you don't see it do you?
I'm killing myself once again, like I always do
Using me for your own gain, regardless of the pain
Trying to coax me with your lies
Paying no attention to my desperate cries
Just tell me the truth or let me go
I'm killing myself trying to be all that you want me to be
I go to great lengths to please
But you're still not paying attention are you?
Yet I'm still trying to win you over, like I always try to do.

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