Together Tonight

January 31, 2009
By , West Covina, CA
She waits for change, she waits for you to know
Her love for you, but she knows you had to go.
She bleeds her pain, just wants to let it flow,
Burning memories, amidst cold, bitter snow.

You stay the same, she tries to just forget,
This world has paid its undeserved debt.
She's filled with anger, anger and regret,
But she's not ready to let go of you yet.

There's no sign that you will ever wake,
Her pain has dulled, but it's still a bitter ache.
She can't see how just one mistake
Could make her entire world suddenly brake.

You can't come back, she wants to let you know,
That, for you, for you she'll let you go.
She'll hurt, she knows, the pain will only grow,
But although she cries, she'll never let it show.

I'm walking away, I'll leave the hurt and pain
Behind, with you, it's too much to contain.
But I see you there, you're standing in the lane,
The guilt washes away, in the gentle summer rain.

We're together now, among the stars tonight.
We fought a brave, but unbearable fight,
But we had to let go, to leave behind our plight.
Now everything will be alright.

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