Questions and Answers

January 31, 2009
By Dan Haggerty BRONZE, Warrington, Pennsylvania
Dan Haggerty BRONZE, Warrington, Pennsylvania
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I ask these questions as though someone is listening
as if God has seen my curious eye
and watched me anticipate the fall

As if the fall was all I was
the coming mistake
the next heartache

the next lonely night
among all whom I know
the next moment waiting
to see if she'll show.

God's descending Angel
immortal visitor from above
to free me from heartache
and return all my love.

I stare towards the sky
not sure what I'm looking at
only looking,
because with Questions come Answers
or so I was told
or so I assumed as I walked through the door,
only to find
all I've already felt before

That Angel never came,
it never spread its wings and dragged me to glory's redemption
and so I brought my head down low,
ignoring the heavens beaming light,
for in that women's eyes
was a real miracle of life.

I stare back at her,
trying my hardest to be what I'm not
to know who I am
in a world of only questions,
never answers

A world of heightened paranoia
of chaos and confusion.

She cannot answer my questions
or solve the twisting turn
of life's eternal mysteries
but she can give much more.

she gives me love
and laughter
and affection
but most of all
in her eyes
I read loud and clear
hope to end my strangling fears.

Hope that all will be alright
hope to find these answers together
and deal with them when they are revealed
but most important of all
I think
although I cannot know,
is this intensely increasing feeling
that this love can only grow.

I do not know this girl so well
only that she has changed me
for better
or worse.

Yet she's my angel from above
sent to give me all her love
to take mine in exchange
to provide me with this needed change.

The fall could happen any day.
the chance that she may slip away
for I do not quite know this girl
I wish I knew her heart and soul
for my heart is only hers to control.

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