as perfect as she

January 31, 2009
By SarahC. SILVER, Victor, Montana
SarahC. SILVER, Victor, Montana
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you see her.
you hide.
you turn your face and chide.
there must be something.
there has to be.
for no one can.
be as perfect as she.

she thanks everyone..
she excuses herself when done.
she tended to a bird with a broken wing.
she scolds nothing.

she tries the hardest.
can see the farthest.
she sings the best.
much better than the rest.
her intelligence, outstanding.
her love comes, without commanding.

no. this cannot be.
for no one can.
be as perfect as she.

The author's comments:
About all those girls that seem to have everything you don't but nothing you have.

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