A Cute Pathtic Little Dream

January 31, 2009
By Sarah-Katie Prielipp BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Sarah-Katie Prielipp BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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So there's this girl. She's really something else.
Something I've been waiting for, forever.
With a cute freckled face, dark eyes i could stare into every
hour of everyday, a cute but elegant smile that could make a crowd
faint, dark hair i could play with hours, and a laugh that
gives me butterflies.
This is a feeling like nothing before. A good bad feeling.
Not knowing whether to love her or close her out. Opening myself
up to this person, wonderful, smart, cute person...
Her smile lights up my day like i have a purpose.
A purpose to love and be loved. Never wanting to hurt her,
hoping i never will. Hoping one day i will be able to hold her close
and call her mine. Kiss her on the forehead and tell her i love her.
Hope she will stay with me forever.
You sit for hours and think to yourself
How does she feel?
Does she even i know i exist?
Does she love me the same?
They run through your head day in and day out.
Never knowing when they will get answered.
Hoping soon.
Maybe i do love this girl. This girl who's my everything. My
heart and soul.
Maybe she will come to her senses and love me back?
But hey that's just a cute pathetic little dream...
Everyone dreams.

The author's comments:
I wrote this peice in a guys perspective. Just letting everyone know.

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