In The Night

January 31, 2009
By Anonymous

In the night I feel the wind, wrapping around like a warm blanket. I thank it-for being so warm.
In the night, the wind chimes a soft little tune, as I smile at the glittery moon. But lo! A storm is coming in. The trees are looking thin. As they twirl and sway, they seem to say "Ohhh! Why, Mr. Wind do you shake us so, and make us so cold?"
In the night I still see the moon, though it will be covered very soon. In the distance I hear the thunder, rumbling from somewhere under.
In the night the rain is falling, I hear the creatures calling "Oh dear! Rain? This is insane!"
In the night I get to see such bliss! I did not expect something quite like this! I don't see the moon now, but I hear a cat's "Meeeoowwww!"
There is such life at night. As I feel the cold rain and smell the fresh air, I smile at all God created in night, and leave the most beautiful site.

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