The Ocean Hourglass

January 30, 2009
By GangstaG0 GOLD, Deer Park, New York
GangstaG0 GOLD, Deer Park, New York
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Melting clocks flow a stream,
Bringing eeriness of a dream,
Softly, gently, to and fro,
Knowing silence as it goes,

A strangeness in its feat,
They flow across the ocean deep,
Melting in the hours night,
No one claims to see thir sight,
Twisting, thrusting through the waves,
Everpassing as they lay,

Golden chalets fall from high,
Giving color to the sky,
Hitting, splashing to the sea,
Tick tocking noise it would be,

Now upon the hourglass,
The ocean's time ever lasts,
Eternal in its row,
Falling times of sand do grow

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