The Live Departed

January 30, 2009
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The day you departed
Not by death
But either way you lost a part of you
Which means I lost a part of me which you kept held
So, we lost apart of everybody from the 'chain'

The last words spoken were not very nice,
The last thing I thought was that those are the very last words
Love followed by hate, followed by love followed by hate, by love, by hate'
I miss the old, but don' t screw the new because'

Wishes won't help
Because they set you up for joy
And set you down failure and disappointment

Perfect isn't possible,
But being close to it is
I wanted it to be perfect
I wanted it too be an act, a fake,
If it only was a farce
But it wasn't, it was a nightmare
I could never wake-up
I was trapped
Couldn't speak
Hey! Just call me Dead!

But it got better
But its still here
We all know it
And it will never be the same.
I wish would be
But we all know the truth about wishes
It stares and lurks at us.
Look out behind you
Because it probably out for you next

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