January 30, 2009
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What are you?
What do you believe in?
Who are you?
only answerable by you.
What are you?
You are yourself,
the person you know to be,
the person you are inside,
and till death are.
A question only you,
truthfully know.
What do you believe in?
What you`ve been taught,
It`s in your head it won`t leave,
won`t let you see the abyss,
with your own eyes,
with your own thoughts.
Believe in what you want,
not what you have been told to believe,
that is hiding from the reality.
The reality of thought,
of what your head can think of.
A question of wits,
a question answerable by the risks.
Who are you?
Are you yourself,
or what you have been told to be?
You are afraid of,
knowing who you really are.
You are yourself,
yet somehow someone you`re not.
Someone you do not know of,
look through the thoughts of another,
find your own.
Believe in what you think,
not what people tell you to think.
Stay with these thoughts,
your beliefs are what answer,
the hardest question of all.
'What do you think?'

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