I wish I could fly

January 30, 2009
By Matt Peyerk SILVER, Allegan, Michigan
Matt Peyerk SILVER, Allegan, Michigan
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I wish I could fly,
Oh how'd I show you the bright stars tonight,
And to the amazing sight I'd hymn our beloved song.
We would see the most beautiful skies,
The sleeping lilies and wild roses in the valley,
The infinite wonders of the world and beyond.
The hidden gems among these rough waters.
I'd stride to your windowpane, whisper your name,
Take you on a ride, a ride on the great white clouds.
The earth could be ours for the taking,
We could be king and queen of the heavens.
Give you all or anything that will make your heart flutter.
Take you up and plunge deep into serenity.
Oh how I wish I could fly,
To take you away with me forever,
Just soar and soar for years or more,
Show you the divine perfection of nature, in yourself,
Make you feel like the flower among the thorns.
Just take my hand, we'll lift off gently,
Don't fear, don't be afraid,
Look down and transfix your eyes on the majestic.
I'd fly for you all day and night,
To make you love, to make you love me'
I wish it for you, to fly for you,
We'd see the amazing; we'd be the amazing,
Drift into anything, search for nothing,
Conquest the never- ending vast skies.
Oh how I wish I could fly'.
I'd show you what you mean to me,
I'd show you the bright stars tonight..
To make you love me'to make you see me as right..

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