Letting Go

February 1, 2009
By Anonymous

Never did I imagine
A beautiful butterfly
With it's wings spread out
Where is she going?
To the sky'

Never did I imagine
A girl
Fly with a license to love
What does she want?

You will never be replaced
Like the water to the fish in the sea,
Like the sun to the moon,
Like my heart to me

Vomiting it right at you
Innocent, sad and scared you were
Please leave me, I once said
No, an answer short and solid

The patience you always have
The smile you always give me
The door you always open for me
No, I can't let this go too far
I will soon have to leave you

Nothing else matters
Not the fish, the sun, the moon
But my heart,
As sick as it is, still gripping hard to yours

No, I have to let her go
Let her fly again
To reach the sky
To find the love
Yes, I am letting her go

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