Moments of Destiny

February 2, 2009
By Senior18 BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
Senior18 BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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We're approaching that moment
That moment we've been hearing about all year
We're looking down the barrel
of a cannon that is filled with hope and fear
What are we supposed to do?
While we sit back and wait for you...

We're approaching that moment
That moment that's been called auspicious
We're waiting for the call
And our goals right now are ambitious
Can we make it through?
And achieve all we're meant to do...

These are the moment that scare me most of all
The moments of destiny-where we rise or where we fall
These are the moments that our will rules our fate
Moments of destiny-where our love must beat out hate

Come with me on this amazing ride
Sisters of mine, the one who knows me deep inside
Together it is time that we embrace
The moment of destiny that we now face

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