Times Flight in Love

January 31, 2009
By Karen Tobon SILVER, Silver Spring, Maryland
Karen Tobon SILVER, Silver Spring, Maryland
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I'm sitting here
Just waiting
Time goes by
Not noticed
You're not in
Sight anymore
I wonder how
Much longer
Before you come
To the rescue I need
Your heart
Saves me in
Many ways
I have seen
Happy days
With you always
But now
Your not here
And I
Wait for you
I sit
On the bench
Now Withered
And much Older
From the
First time sitting
You have
Left me here
For another
I think
I couldn't give
You what
You always wanted
I cried
In misery and
Shame of
You leaving me
My only
Love in life
Ever and
You left me
I wish
Every single night
For you
To come back
To me
I still go
To the
Bench every day
Just to
Give a show
I leave as
Usual till one
Day a
Hand reached out
Stopped me
I looked in
To those eyes
Behind me
The look
The same as
The man
I have never
Stopped loving
I cry in
Joy and
Realization that you
Came back
For me and
Wasn't ditched
You pull me
Close to
You as before
And look
At me we
Seal our silence
With a
Kiss and everything
Is alright
Because I finally
Can tell
You to your
Sweet face
'I love you'

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on Nov. 7 2009 at 2:54 pm
becky72195 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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amazing poem ; it is really touching and real ; if this is written from experience ii know how you feel but mine never returned & im still waiting but if you are writing this from your mind you have an amazing imagination talent

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