January 31, 2009
By Sunshine SILVER, Catawba, South Carolina
Sunshine SILVER, Catawba, South Carolina
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The Georgia stars are beautiful,
Guide me to the moonlit floor and make the fireflies dance.
Everything like a 'Notebook' romance.
Take my hand and breathe in deep,
And maybe tonight I'll have a dream.

I want to find myself in the New York lights,
Close my eyes and catch a train.
Let the rain pour down on me,
And dance on the sidewalk.
Get lost in a concrete jungle,
With nothing but love in my heart.

The waves on the Carolina coast are quiet,
And remind me of the song in my head.
It was nothing,
Or maybe it was everything you said.
Now, if you trust me take my hand and breathe in deep,
And maybe tonight we'll dream a dream.

I want to fly on the wings of love,
Get lost at sea.
Dance on the edge of sin,
And when no one is watching dive in.
Wrap my arms around you and promise you forever.
Fall asleep by the ocean and wake up next to you.

Standing on the rooftop, looking around,
Getting a view of this small town.
Maybe one day I'll make it out of this place,
Or maybe this is where I'm meant to be.
Taking pictures that have nothing to do with anything.
I've stopped trying to make since of everything.
But I know that tonight when you fall asleep,
You're going to have to have a dream.
So why not dream a dream of me?

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