Tolls of being true

February 4, 2009
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There's truth behind your eyes there's truth behind these lies
You told me of the beautiful open skies
So those are the pictures I painted when you're the one on my mind
Now time has gone on and on
And with every false meaning
The sun I see does more and more bleeding
Tearing these wide open spaces apart
Showing me who you are right to the roots
The only one of all your characters you've never played
Its cutting in me deep like that metal blade
The one you made me throw away
I left before we headed our own way
But in the end you knew my heart stayed
Always letting me come back when the time was right
This is what I have to say why were these moments even made
Why were the prices even paid
If in the end you were going to let yours truths out
No matter what love had us together isn't that what we were about
that's why I'm here now and your missing
Far from any promises you left in my soul
Yet I'm still happy that your lies saved you from being true and taking its toll

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