My silver friend

February 4, 2009
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You told me you loved me
You said it was true
I wish you could see
My love for you too

You love me
But little did you know
These feelings that haunt me
Slowly seem to grow

Love at its worst
Slowly tearing me apart
While I try my best
To hold on to my heart

Day by day
Week by week
Its slowly getting harder
My grip is getting weaker

The walls I have are falling
Faster than I can build
I dont know if i can recover
I need to find a sheild

So now I sit here
I try to calm myself
I sit here staring
Into darkness
Trying to relax
Its not enough now
It never has been

So I proceed
To find my best friend
He's silver
He's sharp
He's loyal
He's sweet

Then I think back to your beautiful face
There's one
Your voice rings in my ear
There's two
The words you say repeat
and over
There's three
The way your soft touch would feel
There's four
Longing for you to be near
There's five
and six

The memory of what they've done to you
The pain that you go through
The way you feel like nothing
The way I know that its not true
The way you want to run
away from your life
The way I need you
They way I wish it were true
The way you long to be important
... to someone. But what about me?
The way I long to be in your arms while you hold me tight
The way you long for her.. to be with her
The way i know that all i can do is want and wish
For you to look at me the way you look at her

There's seven
There's eight
There's nine

The red runs down
My friend doesn't stop
Relaxation is moments away
I can finally breathe again

For now anyways

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