February 4, 2009
By , seabrook, TX
I am many things. Ever changing, I shift to fill my soul. I wake each day with wary eyes, wondering what I am to become. The only constant is the sea that surrounds me; the water that fits me like a second skin. In water I change no more, I find my true self in the salty depths. I open my eyes to a colorful world. Bubbles rush to the surface as laughter fills my throat. My heart sings and I open my arms to embrace this world I have come to love. It is only when I reach the shore that I change again; my dancing eyes become slow with feeling. Cloudy skies seem to reach my coast, and raindrops fall like tears on my changing form. When the Sun shows its ace I walk towards the sea; watch the ever flowing tide as it pulls back again. As the sea foam touches my sandy form, I watch my shape as it changes again. Golden skin becomes golden scales, and my sun kissed legs become a powerful tail I glide through water that is silk upon my skin, and watch the sun rise over my everlasting self.

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