February 4, 2009
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Highs tops and low cuts
fashion is about less fat and more bust.
Today's world is over ruled by the obsession of
looking sexually desirable and not opening your mouth.

To be cool all you need is a padded bra and
Johnny football walking with you down the hall.
It's so easy to be a star
Just focus on popularity and going so far.

Well here's a newsflash Miss Snotty With Cash
you better hold on because this world's moving fast
and soon High School will be the past.

Move away from mommy and daddy.
Now where's your money? Now where's your man?
Now where's your best friend holding your hand?

Go live now, if you think you can.
And slip away into life-
your own quicksand.

Fame doesn't last forever.
Aww, you and Johnny aren't together?
Are you stuck doing the weather?
Your interior isn't leather?

Why isn't your life better?
Cause' you got all the good in the first twenty years
instead of having some good and some bad,
just like we've had.

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