If Ever

February 4, 2009
By Kendra Spoth BRONZE, Pepperell, Massachusetts
Kendra Spoth BRONZE, Pepperell, Massachusetts
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Whenever I had a doubt in my mind
my doubts were always towards you
and when i ever thought that we would be fine
I should've thought that one through

I couldn't imagine how life would be
without my "best friend" to go to
but everytime I needed a friend
I never could count on you

When I said i knew you would always be mine
and that we were "too good to be true"
I should've realized that "we" were a lie
and you only cared about you

Everyday I think about my wasted time,
the time I gave to you,
I honestly must've been out of my mind
thinking that you'd give time too

All those days that we shared together
really they don't mean a thing,
especially when everything that we had
was just one more of your "flings"

When we were together I never left your side
I wish you had done the same
You seemed to forget who you were supposed to "like"
Now i barely remember your name

What we used to have is over and gone
We'll never go back to that place
What happened with us is part of the past
My love has now turned to hate

I thought I was sure that we were meant to be together
I should've known that wasn't true
If ever I can think about us and smile
Thats the day I'll know I'm over you

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