The Ones We Fear Most

February 4, 2009
The wind whispers softly through the night,
Singing a song of sorrow to the world.
Breathing heavily we sleep in our warm beds,
Dreaming of a better place, a better world.
The night goes on, into the early hours,
As, the moon shines through the window.
The shadows crept around the room,
Slipping into the darkness, watching.
Studying our deep, soothing slumber.
Once the sun appears, lighting the earth,
Eliminating any trace of darkness.
All of the night walkers creep back,
Into the depths of hell.
Their own version of our pathetic world,
Living with their own kind.
Peace and love is all they know,
No war, no hate, no pain.
Watching our disasterous lives,
Disappointed at the stupidity of it all.
Why can't we be like them,
The ones we fear most.

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