Ode To the Enviornment

February 4, 2009
By squirreltosey14 BRONZE, New Providence, New Jersey
squirreltosey14 BRONZE, New Providence, New Jersey
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The environment
Our environment
Should not be forsaken,
It is our livelihood
Our playground
Our dome of sanctuary.

Why burn down your home
Your real home
The home of which brought you to this world,
Cradled you
Always protecting you
And now you destroy it?

I ask only why?
Annihilate vast fields of merriment
For superficial idiosyncrasies.
Severing forests of secret delights
To non-existence.
Flood waterways to heaven
With pure evils.

Man is ahead of itself
Too busy with atoms and factories
They forget
Forget their moral values
Of which they promised our Earth.
They disrespect our kin
The land and the seas
With commotion and destruction.

The prolongation of change
That is what they did
Befuddled with ideas.
They say they have change,
But the Earth is still heating
And forests are still disappearing,
Like candles in the wind.

But we can bring change
You and I,
Together we can stop them
Them with their failures and lies.
With a little work
A hybrid car
Biolumenesant bulbs
We can turn around their sly miniscule smirks.

Carbon footprints
Shooting high as the sky.
The hazy sky, thick with CO2
The byproduct of fossil fuels
Fuels our Mother labored to create
We burn.
As if we were reminiscing
On the forest we destroy every minute in South America.

Water pollution,
Poison to life.
Killing those too poor
Taunting them with running sink water
Of which they would sacrifice their lives to give to their families
Starving families.

Why kill when you can save
Be a savior!
Recycle plastics
Glass, paper, and metals.
Save the Earth
From unbiodegreadible objects.
Save Mother earth
And her helpless infants survive to see a better day!

The Environment is our home
Why waste it
Mother Nature always has her way
She will punish those who do wrong
Our rising temperatures show that
Just the little things add up
You can do it
You can be a hero!

The author's comments:
Originally created for 'Goin' Green' essay/poetry contest, and won first place in the poetry category!

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