February 4, 2009
By Ashley Nicole Harper BRONZE, Evansville, Wisconsin
Ashley Nicole Harper BRONZE, Evansville, Wisconsin
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Anger is the emotion, which keeps coming never going
You have to be very strong willed and keep flowing
It easily takes over, and is awaiting
To be strong enough to be debating
On questions you wouldn't ask yourself without the anger inside
Know your true self is powerful enough to put that aside
Trust the good cause evil shouldn't EVER win
Anger will haunt you with every demonic sin
Lives are changed, destroyed, overpowered by this sensation
Anger is easily possessed, the highest temptation
People's lives sustained with anger, making moronic decisions
Anger kills beautiful people, in this world we live in
Anger stays with you like it's a necessity
Anger leaves people alone, crazy, carefree,
In a way were obsessed, with this foolishness
People hunger for anger as if it was right to side with cruelness
Anger is better, left unexplained
I'm going to end this poem anger yet to be profane

The author's comments:
anger you've all expirenced it!

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