If I could hear you call my name

February 4, 2009
By luvz2write BRONZE, New York, New York
luvz2write BRONZE, New York, New York
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If I walked a mile to make you smile,
Would you smile just for me?
Or would you laugh in my face?
And tell me I'm a disgrace to every person in the human race?
If I talked to you every day,
Would you make sure you woke up with something to say?
Even in awkward moments, would come up with a reply?
Or would you stay silent and occasionally give a sigh?
If I gave you a flower that never died,
Would you keep it forever'
Are you that type of guy?
Of girl?
Of whatever you are?
If I made you cry would you ever talk to me again?
Would you leave me messages on myspace
Saying that you want me dead?
Would you forgive me for my sins?
Or would you let me perish for years on end.
If saved you from dieing, way before your time,
Would you be okay for now?
Or would you still want to die?
If I saved you,
Like I said I would,
Could you say that you loved me?
If you really, really could,
Would you have saved me too?
See, I always wondered what would have happened that very day.

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