Lola 9.0

February 4, 2009
By Andria Roach BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Andria Roach BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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when I think of you,
it drives me crazy, knowing you don't care.
You broke my heart and from the start,
You were never there.
I thought It could be romance so with love I took a chance.
And with love I had a deadly crash.
At first saying 'I love you' every day, then proving you don't by playing these games.
you slowly tore my heart apart, and for all my pain you are to blame.
The connection between us can never be the same.
Its all over now, somehow I feel glad, not because you left me'
But, because your not the man I thought I had.
I had to face it, its something that I knew, but now im looking through the eyes of a changed woman.

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