February 4, 2009
By Liz Posdal SILVER, South Barrington, Illinois
Liz Posdal SILVER, South Barrington, Illinois
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As I dream, I walk though walls,
Jump off the bridge, but survive the fall.
I can still laugh or even cry,
I can disappear, read minds, and fly.
There's nothing that can hold me back
From marrying that guy named Jack.
Who's Jack? Well, he's a friend of mine,
But not the charming loving kind!
So why can dreams make me go through
With things I'd never ever do?
Yesterday I just found out
What all these crazy dreams are about.
Its cause my brain just never rests
And when my frontal lobe's distressed
It tries to see what's going on
With silly messages from the pons.
So dreams aren't all that bad I guess,
Until I forget, wake up, get dressed.
I go to school, come home, and then
I lay back down, and it starts again.

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